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Specialists in high-end technology

Orusol exists to offer comprehensive services in matters of the use and maintenance of the mainframe system; in terms of consultancy, training, tech support and project development, all of this through a network of consultants that are capable and qualified to cover all areas of expertise in this medium, such as operating systems, databases, security, software products, etc. This allows us to resolve all technical and business necessities with great efficiency and quality of service.

Our approach

We focus on the search for better solutions that may be adapted to the specific and complex necessities of each of our clients, and thus we have the knowledge and the capabilities to implement measures that may help greatly in the reduction of the workload in operative and administrative matters.


To provide quality services to business organizations in order to maximize their efficiency in the use of information technologies, resolving the complex requirements that the business may have in order to optimize their processes and the use of their data.


Being business partners to our clients, focused on helping them with their specific needs so that they may make the most of their technological resources.


– Excellency. Our commitment is to do things right on the very first time, always searching for the best possible solutions.
– Responsibility. We hold ourselves responsible for the consequences of our decisions, continually learning from each new experience to keep offering our best.
– Loyalty. Our fidelity to our work force and our clients precedes us and is proof that we are the most qualified and competent option for your projects.
– Passion. We are fully committed to our collaborators and clients, diligently attending to their needs.
– Honesty. We handle our business within the margins of sincerity and authenticity.
– Integrity. We act under the principles of ethics, honesty and professionalism.

Orusol is a company formed by consultants and tech specialists with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry of Information Technologies, focused primarily on the mainframe systems, which have been developed in various sectors such as Finances, Public, Telecommunications and Retail. Our objective is to provide VALUABLE products and tech solutions that may resolve the complex requirements that clients and their businesses Often have.

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